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Tesla Coin is a new cryptocurrency trading software that promises to win 90% of transactions. In this Tesla Coin review, we will find out if Tesla Coin is reliable or not.

Is Tesla Coin reliable?
Is Tesla Coin reliable? Traders are always looking for a trading robot that claims to guarantee profits on a daily basis.

That being said, Tesla Coin has entered the crypto market with the sole ambition of apparently making impressive profits.

We tested this new auto-trading platform to settle the debate about its legitimacy:

This trading robot really exists

It works with regulated and secure brokerage sites.
Tesla Coin is the only Chinese trading platform that is allowed to buy or sell virtual currencies. Source:

In fact, it is possible to trade with Tesla Coin and apparently make profits. But, you should keep in mind that trading is a risky business.

What is Tesla Coin?

The history of Tesla Coin is somewhat complex:

The company was founded in 2010.
Since 2014 the group has initiated an application for authorisation with the Chinese authorities. However, the Chinese government was still reluctant to the cryptographic project.
Tesla Coin: what is it?

The platform was authorised on the financial market in 2019. It became possible to allegedly convert any fiat currency into digital Yuan and to trade digital currencies.
Tesla Coin: how does it work?

Tesla Coin: how does it work?

So how does it work? Basically, you need to open a trading account with this software to have access to the financial markets via successful brokers.

This robot requires a deposit of $250 to start your trading adventure.

As soon as the account is funded, the funds are routed directly to the best brokers in the world who will invest them in financial instruments.

Afterwards, you will have to adjust the following trading parameters:

Stop Loss
Take Profit
Next, please activate auto-trading. The system will then start the fundamental and technical analysis in order to execute the transactions automatically.

According to them, the success rate of trading is 90%. And you can withdraw the funds apparently placed in your account the same day.

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Key points
Visit the broker
Tesla Coin Avis: trusted site or scam?
Perfect for those who prefer trading robots
Free demo account
24/7 customer service
Tesla Coin Review: Trusted or Scam?
No hidden fees or commissions
Fairly quick sign up process
24/7 customer service
Tesla Coin Review: trusted site or scam?
Fast withdrawal service
100% free platform
Demo trading function
Tesla Coin: how to sign up?
The whole registration process takes less than 10 minutes.

Step 1: Open a Tesla Coin account
Start by visiting the official website of this automatic trading application.

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