Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

• BLK DNM has launched the first-ever example of connected fashion with “BLK DNM Society”, which uses blockchain-powered hardware and software integrated into products.
• The “digital garment ID” microchips will give each item a unique identity and record its history, rewarding responsible behavior and granting brand influence to owners.
• BLK DNM Society is a community of owners that are rewarded for their responsible behaviour, while being granted voting rights on key brand decisions based on item ownership.

BLK DNM Bridging Physical & Virtual Worlds through Blockchain

BLK DNM is an Swedish-American fashion brand that has taken a revolutionary step towards connecting the physical and virtual worlds of fashion through blockchain technology. With the launch of BLK DNM Society, they have integrated blockchain-powered hardware and software into their products.

Digital Garment IDs

Each item in the BLK DNM collection will be fitted with a ‘digital garment ID’ – an undetectable chip that gives each physical item a unique and recordable identity. This chip grants authentication as genuine, eliminates fakes/counterfeiting, rewards responsible behaviours such as refurbishments/second-hand purchases, records individual histories (owners/events etc.), acts as digital ticket for entry into events and enables access to & voting rights within BLK DNM Society.

BLK DNM Society

The digital garment IDs form part of BLK DNM Society – a community of owners who are rewarded for responsible behaviour & granted voting rights on key brand decisions based on item ownership thus beginning the process of decentralising stewardship within the fashion industry. Each digital garment ID also creates a ‘digital reflection’ in the virtual world where physical items history & place within society is recorded. These digital reflections can also be worn in metaverses catering to younger generations who spend more time online than offline.

First Hardware & Software Launch

This groundbreaking project marks the first-ever example of connected fashion (garments existing both physically & virtually) with its hardware launch (the Digital Garment IDs) coupled with its software debut (BLKD NM Society). By linking these two aspects through technology, it allows consumers to gain emotional & monetary value over time from their garments whilst encouraging ethical behaviour along with providing access to exclusive events & offers depending on one’s ownership status in this revolutionary program.


Through this project, BLK DNM is bridging the gap between physical and virtual worlds by creating garments that exist both physically and virtually – all thanks to blockchain innovation! Not only does it reward ethical behavior but also provides consumers access to exclusive content whilst giving them an emotional connection with their product through its recording capabilities – truly revolutionizing fashion as we know it!

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